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Fishery Resources  Under the control of global quota for management of fishery resources, Wen Chi Seafood emphasizes on the concept of sustainable management for delivering the deep-sea delicacies to the world.

Longline Fishing In order to manage and protect the marine resources and avoid over-fishing, the fish from Wen Chi Seafood are caught by using longline fishing techniques and method. It uses a long line (main line) with baited hooks attached in branch lines. The line is released and collected back after some time. All the fish are quickly processed once the fish are on the deck. The blood is drained, the nerves are removed and the internal organs are disposed before the fish freeze in a short time.

Directly From Vessels Our delicacies from the ocean are conformed to international laws as well as the standard of Taiwanese fishery management. The fish are the fruit from fishermen who always fight hardly with the ocean.