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■ Storage In order to preserve the fish freshly in the long term, the freezing infrastructure of Wen Chi Seafood could reach as low as -60℃. The total area of our freezer storage is 3300 m2 which can store 7500 tons of fish. The infrastructure of our factory also includes 5 individual quick frozen chambers which can freeze 50 tons of the center point of the fish to -35℃ instantly.

■ Perfectly Defrost Wen Chi Seafood is the first company in Taiwan that imported the chamber for thawing the frozen food with anion-far infrared radiation from Japan. It can thaw 10 tons of fish at once in a short period of time. During the thawing process, the center and surface of the fish can be thawed at the same time, which prevents serious rupturing of the cell nuclei. This thawing method is able to prevent the loss of moisture, keep the freshness and tastiness of the fish. The anion can prevent the growth of the microorganism.